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Dear Friends,

It has been three and half years since Dee and I moved to Rapid City, SD.  We took on a one year contract with Black Hills Works which ended January 30th 2014.  The contract ended but we decided to continue our residency here in Rapid City.


I was at Crazy Horse Monument in Custer, SD in the Black Hills and a young man came up to me and said thank you for speaking in his class as he was one of the 7000 students I spoke to in South Dakota in 2012. 

We are very honored to have received our third grant from the South Dakota Developmental Disability Council which started in August of 2014 and ended December 2015.  With this grant we have brought presentations on disabilities and bullying to  Native American and rural communities and schools.


Dee and I were also at a “Monster Truck Show” in Rapid City last winter and a young 5th grader came up to us and thanked us for speaking at his school in Wyoming.  I have many more stories where people have stopped me to thank me for my presentations.  It is probably not the words I say but the fact that I have a disability that made an impact on their life and attitudes.  Today these youths will remember my talk for a long time and that is the importance of these talks and the message that I give to these youths, parents and educators


Dee and I have been involved with the disability issues within our church community and also statewide as we were part of  an “emerging summit” and also an “Access Sunday” on disabilities in Boulder, Colorado and their "Widening the Welcome" conference in Hartford, CT this September.


We need your help to continue with our mission of education and advocacy.  As you may know the South Dakota grant needed us to raise 30% of the costs for those South Dakota free program to schools and communities on the subject of disabilities and bullying.  

We also need continued support so we can travel to other states and speak at schools and thereby reach youths in other schools.  We hope to speak in Nebraska, Arizona, New Mexico and Montana in 2016-2017.


You can go to my website at www.bendanderson.com and donate through the Guide Star link (for non-profit donations) on this page or our homepage  or send your gift to:

Break Through Inc.
217 Stumer Road, #4
Rapid City, SD 57701


We were in  Grand Forks, ND in October 2014 for a five state TRIO Conference. TRIO is a federal program based in higher education colleges and universities that focuses on high school students that are first generation to enter college, low income and disabilities. In April of 2014 I was one of the presenters for the Wyoming TRIO conference where they asked me to come to that 5 state conference.


In 2014 we did “staff training” at three summer camps (Lake Wapogasset in Wisconsin, Lutheran Outdoors in Illinois and Outlaw Ranch in South Dakota.)  We also spoke at another camp in Huron, South Dakota sponsored in part by Independent Living of Huron.  June 2015 I spoke at two camps. ( Outlaw Ranch in Custer, SD and Green Lake in Spicer, MN) and also speaking at the Cheyenne River Youth Project in Eagle Butte, SD .   I did in-service training at the Oglala Lakota College in Kyle, SD.  We also were involved with speaking to 900 students ( K-12) at Standing Rock Reservation schools in Fort Yates, North Dakota.

We are glad to have the opportunities that we have and look forward to your continued support on these very important projects.

Ben and Dee Anderson
Break Through Inc.

Thank you.
Here are some testimonials

South Dakota Tour 2012

"Dear Mr. Anderson:

Our two daughters just got home from summer camp at Lutherhaven in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  Our oldest (who is 12) had learned a new word during her week away at camp - "disability."

It's not that she was unfamiliar with the term, of course, but more that she'd never given it much thought.  We have a close friend confined to a wheelchair, but as is the nature of children, our daughter always just sort of "accepted" the fact that our friend can't walk, and never looked further.

But then she heard you speak at camp, and was deeply impressed by whatever it was you said.  She's been talking about you ever since.  Your topic was reinforced by the fact that her camp counselor uses a walker despite her young age.  Our daughter came home with a much more mature understanding of human nature and the ability to see limitations as gifts and opportunities, as you've done with your ministry.

I don't know what specifically you talked about at Lutherhaven, but I thank you very much for speaking.  You certainly made a lasting impression on our pre-teen! "

Best wishes, -Patrice Lewis


"Our mission is one of rehabilitation education and advocacy for and about people with disabilities to encourage and enlighten the public about people with disabilities in that they are people first and have rights and needs and that they also have gifts and talents to bring  to the community."

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Above are a few photos of some conferences where Break Through has provided workshops and "learning experiences" for educators and parents

Ben is the main speaker for Break Through.

     Break Through Inc. celebrated it's 35th  Anniversary
in 2013

other reviews:

Reviews from Sheridan (Wyoming) High School students (and teachers) held on March 18th 2014-

Presenter Ben D. Anderson- Break Through Inc.

Below are some answers to "What did you like best about the program" "What will you tell others about Ben D. Anderson's presentation?" and "anything else you would like to share."
"Mr. Anderson was very motivational. I think he inspired kids to think about the effects of bullying. I also think he helped kids realize their potential despite their disabilities. Mr. Anderson was amazing. He is very inspirational and motivating. He really makes you think about how you treat others. I enjoyed the presentation a great deal Thank you for your time and commitment to our youth." (Teacher)content/delivery ( 4 outstanding)

"What I liked about this program the most was Ben's confidence he believed in everything he said and I am so glad my class went down to watch. I love how he has always over come any obstacle that is in his way. As soon as the presentation was over I was talking to everyone about what Ben had taught me. Although he was not talking directly to me but I felt as if we were the only ones in the room. This presentation has taught me so much about keeping on and overcoming your fears and I told my friends all about Ben and how he looks at life compared to how I look at life. Ben you are very amazing and you have experienced so much that most people with cerebral palsy would never experience. I am impressed with your attitude toward life and I wish I had the same attitude. And because of your presentation I am going to hold myself to the highest standards. Thank you so much for coming to our school and I hope you can come back and talk to the schools as a whole. Thank you again. --(student)--content 4-outstanding


Attendee at the March 17th 2014 Sheridan College presentation wrote:   "He (Ben) needs to be speaking in our Wyoming schools @ the junior and senior high schools, parent groups, parent /teacher groups"

other reviews here

September 30, 2010
Ben was a guest lecturer in my graduate level SPED professional and family partnership class. His life story completely mesmerized my students. Many of my students later told me that Ben's story more than moved them - it changed them. Ben taught my graduate students something that classes filled with textbooks could not - how to walk in the shoes of a thriving individual who has spent a live time with a disability.


"September 29, 2010
I met Ben at a National Paraeducator Conference in Salt Lake City, UT. He is just an amazing guy and with all of his struggles through his life he has created this great non profit and tool for others to learn. But not only for other adults to learn but a tool to teach with. I might work with students who might not get what Ben is doing but we have helpers in the classroom that do. I love using his story to help them understand you don't pity those in my classroom and you never under estimate them either. I think every teacher should read his book and hear him speak. Being part of the Special Needs area I strongly feel it should be a requirement.